Balmullo's Gallagher

Emmitt's pedigree is filled with many influential ponies.  His sire Concord River Roaringwater Bay, both grandsires: Whitewood Galway Bay and Aladdin, along with two great-grandsires: *Texas Hope and Erin Laddie, who have all been awarded the ACPS *Tooreen Laddie trophy for having a positive influence on the breed through their offspring.  His granddam Lynfield's Proud Hope has received the ACPS Hall of Fame Broodmare Trophy for her outstanding contribution of purebred foals to the breed.  Being one of the few remaining "Orange" blood-line stallions in the US, Emmitt traces back to the Arab stallion Naseel.

Emmitt is one of a few stallions tracing to the "Orange" bloodline here in the US.